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Project 52 – Small

Project 52! Theme – Small Julia’s small feet….walking in my shoes. To think, one day these will fit her.View full post »

Project 52/A Part of Me I made it 4 weeks! It’s a miracle! Love this Project 52! This weeks theme….A Part of MeView full post »

Project 52 – Light

I’m actually early this week! I typically post on Sundays (or have been trying to), but I caught a bright ray ofView full post »

Project 52 – Storytelling

Two sisters….who are both very different in personalities. Still BFF’s. They each have their own room, yet thisView full post »

Project 52 – Fresh

This year I’m HOPING to be able to complete a Project 52. One pic a week for 52 weeks. I tried to start this lastView full post »

Project 3/52 – Inside

A little late on this post…..but better late than never! Playing inside on a snow day…inside the tepee thatView full post »

Project 2/52 – Imperfection

This week we are suppose to take a picture that symbolizes “Imperfection”. Well, anyone who knows me, knowsView full post »

Happy New Year!!! – Project 1/52 – Reflection

Everyone has New Years resolutions. I am no exception. I make personal goals for myself……(This year my goalView full post »