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Project 52 – Light

I’m actually early this week!

I typically post on Sundays (or have been trying to), but I caught a bright ray of light in my dining room and decided to play. This week’s theme was “Light”

I wanted to try something a little different. I could have chosen a sun flare image outdoors….but I really wanted to test myself.

This project I’m participating in….The Project 52….you are suppose to take an image that week with whatever theme is announced. I’m participating in the My Four Hens Project 52.

Every year I start this project….and every year I quit after week 2. lol! So….I have made it to week 3! Holla!

But. I’m changing the project up a little. My goal is not only to push myself from a creative aspect….but also to capture my family.

My life

I have taken thousands of photographs of other people’s families. Their babes, their kiddos, their love. But I have neglected my own. So, for my project…..not only do have I have to complete one picture a week. I have to complete an image of my own family.

This is Julia….my sweet crazy Julia. I’m so glad she allows me to play with my camera and “practice” on her. I think she secretly enjoys it 🙂

For this  image….I saw the harshest, brightest light….or “hot spot” on my dining room floor.

A challenge.

“Julia….lay in this spot and close your eyes! I know the light will hurt them!”

And she did.

Now….here is where knowing your camera comes into play. Had I shot this on auto mode (to be honest….I don’t even think my camera has an auto mode!), however….if I had, you would have seen my whole entire dining room……

But for this image….I knew exactly what it would look like before I even took the image. Exposing for her, and leaving the rest in shadows.

It’s dark….and moody. And I kind of love it.