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Baby Boy makes 3! | Arlington Newborn Photographer

Meet the C family!

Mama asked me to come to their apartment in Arlington to capture their sweet new bundle of joy!

They are currently building a brand new home and are in transition, but we made it work!

I only needed about 5 feet of workspace, a window, and a wall. And we did it!

He was a little older than my normal newborn age range…but he did fantastic!!!! We spent some time in the beginning feeding, and once he was out, the session commenced quickly! He actually was one of my best little sleepers!!!

I believe mom and dad were able to take some downtime after the session as well! He slept so well!!!

We were able to capture some awake shots, and then moved to some sleepy basket and blanket poses that mama requested.


Thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet babe! I had a wonderful time with you guys!!! Not to mention, he’s pretty darn perfect!!

And special thanks to Daddy for helping me load up the car!!! 🙂 Your help was very appreciated!!!

Hugs to you all!