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Project 2/52 – Imperfection

This week we are suppose to take a picture that symbolizes “Imperfection”. Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I have a new love in my life. Her name is Piper and she is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Right now she is the center of our universe. Which is awesome because she’s the best snuggle bug on the planet. And she LOVES me. So, that sort of helps with the awesome factor šŸ˜‰

Anyways, long story short….we lost our Jessie girl in November and immediately started looking for a new dog to join our family. After a lot of research, I found Piper. She officially became an Ehrmantraut in December.

She is a Coton de Tulear (people are always asking….and yes, that IS a breed). But when we picked her up from the breeder, we signed that we would not breed her. See. Piper has an imperfection. She has a pink spot on her nose. Well, that’s a “no no” in the Coton world. Their noses should be all black. But, seriously….who cares?

She is imperfectly perfect. And she’s mine.