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Happy New Year!!! – Project 1/52 – Reflection

Everyone has New Years resolutions. I am no exception. I make personal goals for myself……(This year my goal is to cook more for my family!! So far….I’m rockin’ that goal thank you very much!).

I have made quite a few professional goals as well. And I’m writing them here because they always say, if you want to accomplish your goals, you gotta write them down. So here are my goals…you can hold me to it.


1. Participate in a Project 52. This is a goal of many professional and hobby photographers. There are tons of different ways to do it. Tons of websites to follow. Some do a Project 365. That’s a picture a day. Well, I’m keeping it real. I know I won’t be able to take and edit a photo a day to MY standards. So I’m doing a Project 52. That’s one photo a week. I can do that….right? Here’s the kicker. It MUST be of my OWN family. I can’t just take one of my sessions and use a photo from that. NOPE! It’s gotta be of MY LIFE. I’m excited about this for three reasons. 1. I’m excited to be able to practice new techniques I wouldn’t otherwise get to during traditional sessions.    2. I’m eager to start collecting pictures of MY family   3. I’m excited for the creative aspect. I’m excited to edit the picture how I choose even if it’s different than my traditional style. Who knows! I could find a style I LOVE!!

2. Blog. Yep, I wrote it so I gotta do it. I can’t tell you how many sessions I did this year that I didn’t blog. Actually….I can. Roughly. I shot over 100 sessions this year. I think I blogged 10ish? You can do the math. This year I plan to blog more!!

3. Laurie….girl….get organized. I have plans for this. My house is organized….ask my friends! My car is a mess, but I cart props around and have two young kids….that goes with the territory. But I need a prettier system for my expenses. That’s right. Prettier. Because the ugly manilla folders with hand written labels is totally screwing with my type A personality.

4. Take at least two additional training courses. I take training every year. And everyone that knows me, knows I’m pretty much self taught except for a couple photog classes I took to learn the basics. I taught myself pretty much everything except for what shutter speed, aperture and ISO means. I’m big on reading and practicing. And I guess being a geeky IT major (Go HOKIES! Yep, had to put that in there…..) helped in the Photoshop department. However….I don’t know it all and I don’t pretend to! So, that’s were training comes in! I’ve already signed up for my first class (starts Thursday! eek! Excited!!!). My next one is in March! Holla!  (CHECK!)


S0….I’m late….but here is for GOAL 1. The first week of January was assigned a topic of REFLECTION. Well, being that I didn’t decide to do this till Sunday at 4:00 p.m…..I had little light to figure out reflection outside of the normal “mirror” picture. So here is Emily….and here is the whole scene. “Emily, lay down right here by the windows and let me take your picture. <SNAP> Thanks!” Reflection? Well, literally, the windows are reflecting in her eyes (I am that black silhouette in the middle if you can tell. Non-literally. This child is an identical reflection of her father. We have been saying this since the day she was born. I’m so lucky to have a girl who looks so much like my best friend. <3