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The G Family

I had such a fantastic time capturing this wonderful family a couple weeks ago. The weather turned out awesome, the lighting was great! It was a fun, fantastic time!

Mama’s main goal was to get some family shots…but she also wanted some of just her and hubby! I LOVED that about her! I couldn’t agree more!

With many folks, after you get married and have kiddos….your camera becomes full of great pics of your kiddos….rarely do you get a chance to get a great family shot….and you almost never get pics taken with just your hubby or wife.

I LOVED that this was a priority for her. When I get family pics done….it’s my main goal as well. Give me shots with my family…and ME with my girls (cause lets be real, there are no shots with ME in them šŸ™‚ And then let’s focus on Chad and I.

Because we started this crazy family together! Let’s showcase US!

Keeping the love alive! I love it! I loved meeting them! I love THEIR love!





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